Which Sunshade is better? Why the price difference?

Customer question

I want to order sunroof shade for model y please advise me which one is better and why i so online on your website there is two option one is $59 for a folded sunshade

And one is $500 + for a retractable sunshade.

Your question is subjective. 

Do you want a Toyota or a Ferrari?

They will both do the job but one will be faster and have different features to make use easier.

I have had both. I used the cheaper one in my Model 3 before I started this business and now I have a Model Y and I try all my accessories so I can speak from experience.

I had the Model 3 for 2 ½ years. I have now had the Model Y for 12 months.

So, in summary.

The cheap one is that …cheap.

The retractable one is a feature of the car. It is part of the car and never needs removing based on weather. It is easy to install and use.

The retractable shade is an addition to the car.

The foldable shade is an accessory to the car that has to be taken off and placed back in when and if you want to use it. The retractable one is a simple action to open the blinds like a window in your home.

The retractable shade is more effective as it has 5 layers of material to block out the sun and heat.

The foldable shade is aa shade. It is to provide some shade to the occupants.

I hope this helps you understand why the price difference and quality.

Any further questions please ask sales@myteslaaccessories.com.au

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