5 Best Accessories in my Opinion.

5 Best Accessories in my Opinion.

  1. Dashboard Mat

Getting a dashboard mat for your Tesla can be beneficial for several reasons:

Protection: A dashboard mat can help protect the dashboard of your Tesla from sun damage, scratches, and other wear and tear. It can also prevent fading and cracking of the dashboard over time, especially in hot and sunny Australian days.

Heat resistance: In hot weather, a dashboard mat can help to reduce the temperature inside the car by providing a barrier between the dashboard and the sun's rays. This can help keep the interior of your car cooler and more comfortable, and it can also help to protect any sensitive electronic components on the dashboard from heat damage.

By protecting the dashboard from damage, a dashboard mat can help maintain the resale value of your Tesla. A well-maintained interior can make your car more attractive to potential buyers when the time comes to sell or trade it in.

When choosing a dashboard mat for your Tesla, make sure to select one that is specifically designed for your car model to ensure a proper fit and optimal performance and of course we have done the hard work for you to make sure our mats fit perfectly with a rubber back to stop them sliding around

  1. Centre console Storage

The centre console provides a designated space to store items such as phones, sunglasses, wallets, and other small personal belongings, helping to keep the interior of the car organised and clutter-free.

It also allows for easy access to commonly used items, reducing the need to search through larger compartments or bags while driving such as the garage remote, some cash or coins and generally things you want quickly without having to dig deep I to the wells that are standard on Tesla.

Items stored in the centre console are often more secure and less likely to shift or fall during driving compared to items left on seats or in open compartments. The fact that these items are hidden with heh self-closing slide on the car is awesome to. Have them out of sight for the opportunist thief.

Tesla centre console designs include built-in charging pads or ports for smartphones and other devices, allowing for convenient charging and connectivity while on the go and to hide them or slot them in to this compartment is very handy.

Tesla offers various centre console options for different models, so it's worth exploring the specific features and benefits of the console designed for your Tesla model and we have them all

  1. Floor mats

Our XPE Tesla car mats are designed to perfectly fit the interior of Tesla vehicles, offering a tailored and seamless look that complements the car's aesthetic and look fantastic to compliment the cars finish. XPE is a higher quality than TPE.

These mats provide superior protection for your Tesla's original carpeting, effectively guarding it against dirt, spills, and wear and tear. This can help maintain the resale value of your vehicle by preserving the condition of the interior. They are easy to install and remove to wash and clean with a cloth and hot water to remove any stains or dirt.

XPE car mats are known for their durable construction, which means they can withstand heavy use and continue to protect your car's interior for an extended period.

Quality car mats can provide better traction and grip for your feet, reducing the risk of slipping while driving, especially under the driver’s foot well.

  1. Tow Bar

Adding a tow bar to your Tesla Model 3, Model Y, or any other vehicle can provide several benefits. Here are a few reasons why you might consider getting a tow bar for your Tesla:

With a tow bar installed, you can tow box trailers, jet skis, small boats, or other items that you wouldn't be able to transport otherwise. This can be especially useful for outdoor lovers in Australia who love camping or being outdoors.

Having a tow bar adds versatility to your vehicle, allowing you to make use of a wider range of accessories and attachments, such as bike racks for holidays and the kids, cargo carriers, or even a small camper trailer. This can enhance the utility and practicality of your Tesla for various activities and trips.

Adding a tow bar may increase the resale value of your Tesla, as it expands the potential uses and appeal of the vehicle to potential buyers. Some individuals specifically look for vehicles with tow bars installed for their towing capabilities and the Model 3 has limits of 900kg as does the Highland 2024 and the Model Y up to 16ookg.

If you frequently need to transport items that require towing, having a tow bar installed can save you the hassle and cost of renting or borrowing a vehicle with towing capabilities.

  1. Sunshade

The choice between a retractable sunshade and a foldable sunshade for your Tesla depends on your personal preferences and specific need and budget.

Retractable Sunshade:

A retractable sunshade can be more convenient to use, as it can be easily pulled back and forward over either the driver or the rear seat passengers or retracted as one or separately with minimal effort.

Our retractable sunshades seamlessly integrate with the vehicle's design and be installed I minutes, easily and safely to blend in with the fabric of the car’s current beige interior.

Our retractable sunshades offer better visibility when not in use, as they can be fully retracted out of the way and fully block the Australia sun and heat from entering the car to begin with much like a blind in your home.

Having 5 layers of material this is a great buffer to block light, UV, sun and heat from entering the car if it was not present.

Foldable Sunshade:

Foldable sunshades are often designed to fit specific car models, providing a custom fit for your Tesla's roof and we also have them for your front windscreen but they are only shades and not truly designed to block heat and the sun from heating your vehicle.

Foldable sunshades are typically easy to store and transport, making them convenient if you frequently park your car in different locations and why they are an accessory to your car and not and addition like the retractable shade.

Of course, we can recognise that oldable sunshades are more affordable than retractable ones, making them a cost-effective option to suit the budget of many.

Ultimately, the decision between a retractable and foldable sunshade comes down to your preferences for convenience, budget and what you want the shade to perform or how it operates.

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