This is our story!

Our story is that I set My Tesla Accessories up a s a business where by i could teach my the 13 year old son about running a business as he has displayed a desire to set some sort of business up.

After 18 years in the military and then a tragic bike accident riding to work training for the Unit Triathlon Team that left me with spinal injuries and chronic back pain i needed an outlet also to give me focus.

My Tesla Accessories was therefore born to help me with my anxiety and PTSD from my Military Service (1985-2003) and to guide and educate my son how to run an e-commerce business although i had no idea

We made decision with great opportunity that was present and like our as most young kids are we chose a path orf Tesla accessories to pursue. I thought there is no better way than hand son real experience. I began my own Personal Training business post military years (2004-2018) so I had learnt a bit about what was working and what was not in marketing.

One thing I learnt was Customer Service and Relationships

Customer service is everything in a business. I how I evolved as such things as social media become a thing in the Personal Training industry.

My Tesla Accessories is relationship with my son by us. We want to provide you with the best quality products, top of the line customer service, and an easy online shopping experience. We have teamed up with an amazing support network to provide the Tesla Accessories you want to make life in your Tesla as you want it and not Elon.

We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about all things Tesla, so if you have any questions, feel free to send us a message.

We’re here to help!
We look forward to welcoming to the My Tesla family!
The My Tesla Accessories Family

Oscar is interested in business so I assist him to set our business up and well no family is complete without a couple of furry friends.

My Tesla Accessories