Why shouldn't I be concerned by towing with and EV?

What are towing concerns with an Electric Vehicle?

    Unlike traditional petrol powered vehicles which are Internal Combustion Vehicles (ICE) which have a range of moving parts that require regular maintenance and repair which can often be expensive and a hassle to get done as you have to take time off work or organise your weekends to get done

    EVs have fewer moving parts and this is a fact is is indisputable.

    So, when we add the sum of the 2 things, more reliable and with less moving parts comes the likelihood of less parts to break or wear out (especially when under strain of towing).

    Another benefit of towing with an electric vehicle such as Tesla is their high torque. That is their low end power which is why they are so fast off the mark which is an observation of first time owners of an Electric Vehicle

    High torque means that EVs can accelerate quickly and easily, making them great for towing. Just like an ICE vehicle though, the faster you accelerate the more fuel you burn whether stored electricity or petrol.

    One of the joys of this torque even when not towing is the ability to quickly merge up to speed into traffic or climb hills if required. Again faster acceleration costs fuel no mater your vehicle.

    This high torque available to a tesla or any other Electric Vehicle can also make towing a compitable, legal load feels more effortless and smooth, which can make the experience more enjoyable for the owner and driver .

    With extra load also comes the capacity for greater regenerative braking energy also. what this means is that when the EV is under break it naturally generates what is called regenerative braking energy which is converted to electricity and fed back in to the battery. Naturally you have to break more when towing.

    All these factors combined really mean that towing in a legal, compliant, safe and steady manner means that you are really generating less wear and tear on your towing vehicle, you are safe with the extra torque to change and adapt to speeds required to flow with traffic more easily and range anxiety should never be an issue.

    Finally and while important this is not the reason most people own Tesla's or any, EVs it is because they offer environmental benefits compared to traditional petrol-powered ICE vehicles.

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